Labour market Regulatory Authority - LMRA

 Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is a dynamic social organization that interacts with the society through linear and direct partnership to provide high quality services beyond local market expectations. (LMRA) aims to provide effective, transparent, robust, and dynamic solutions and services to the local market through exultant quality staff which delivers judicious labour market policy. They endeavour to manage effective and humane expatriate labour market programme and aspire to provide efficient application of the law to the benefit of the entire community of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The LMRA is mandated with the same authorities and powers as any other government ministry, establishment and general commissions in the kingdom. His Majesty the king issued law on the 31st of May 2006 establishing the LMRA and mandated and ordained the LMRA to take over all the responsibilities,
 thus giving it the authority to regulate the labour market in the kingdom. It is further mandated to issue work visas, regulate and control manpower licences, recruiting agencies, employment offices and business practices of self sponsored expatriates. The Labour Market Regulatory Authority faces substantial tasks and challenges to provide job opportunities for all the kingdom’s citizens and to find suitable solutions to the issues facing it. Therefore, the law authorises the LMRA to be the central body to implement the reform programme aimed at the Labour market within the kingdom.

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