BIT Bahrain Institute Of Technology

BIT Bahrain Institute Of Technology offers a whole generation of new technical tracks targeting high-end professionals with hands-on business and technical experience, and cover the new generation of technical products.

As per the initiative of Bahrain Government to build a standard curriculum for the IT Training industry in Bahrain, with the cooperation of the IT experts in the training field, Bahrain Institute of Technology (BIT) was established to achieve that goal by Bahrain Development Bank.

BIT is ExecuTrain's exclusive partner for Bahrain and it is a key part of ExecuTrain Middle East group. ExecuTrain has over 250 training centers around the world, each of them delivering the same high quality service each in its respective country. BIT delivers technical knowledge using vendor-proven authorized course materials according to vendor-qualifying standards.

In addition, BIT offers IT training consultancy to both corporate and individuals. Moreover, BIT has a good reputation and awareness in Bahrain and other GCC countries and a Growing list of satisfied customers.

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